Ginger Snaps
1 C brown sugar, best to use fresh dark brown sugar 
3/4 vegetable oil 
1/4 c molasses 
1 egg 
Mix wet ingredients 
2 c flour 
2 tsp b soda 
1 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp cloves 
Mix dry ingredients and slowly add to wet ingredients 
Chop in white choc chunks - do NOT use white choc chips. Use a whole white chocolate bar chopped or big white chocolate baking chips from Orson Gygi. 
Scoop & roll into white sugar before baking for 8 minutes @ 375

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Meg and I have been craving gingerbread or Ginger’s so something. THIS is it! Thank you so much for sharing. They sound heavenly.

Merry Christmas!

Kelly Kline January 30, 2023

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